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CDFA® - Certified divorce financial analyst

CDFA® professionals provide the client and attorney with expert data analysis that shows the financial effect of any given settlement. We become part of the divorce team and provide support on financial issues such as:

  • Recognizing the tax consequences of various settlement proposals.

  • Finding assets your spouse may have hidden.

  • Evaluating all sources of income for alimony or spousal support calculations.

  • Creating unique settlement plans.

  • Analyzing pensions and retirement plans.

  • Reviewing divorce documents during the process or prior to final settlement.

  • Serving as an expert witness.

  • Identifying lifestyle post divorce.

  • Setting retirement objectives.

  • Developing budgets.

  • Post divorce settlement judgements.

  • Simplifying financial spreadsheets for presentation in court.

  • Reviewing values of businesses and determining business asset division.

Collaborative Divorce - Financial Neutral

Couples divorcing do not have to go through the traditional litigation approach where you are left feeling like you are being shuffled through the criminal system. There's a better way, and it's collaborative divorce. A collaborative divorce is a form of alternate dispute resolution in which the parties agree to divorce using a team approach while keeping all issues out of court. Each party has their respective attorney who is collaboratively trained in the collaborative process. The parties readily agree to disclose all information and to use integrity in their negotiations to reach a mutually acceptable settlement. In addition to the couple and their respective attorneys, the collaborative team often includes mental health professionals as well as a financial neutral.


A financial neutral provides expert financial advice, understanding, and clarity that enables the couple to make informed decisions about their assets and cash flow. The ultimate goal is to help the couple achieve a mutually agreeable settlement that works for both of them.


Couples who have chosen to divorce do not have to be subjected to the litigation process to do so. You can save time and money by allowing us to mediate your divorce utilizing a neutral mediator who specializes in marital financials. Deviating away from a traditional divorce where there are no courtrooms or judges. Your divorce. Your Choice.

Expert Presenter and Litigation Support

In some cases, CDFA® professionals are called upon to act as expert witnesses in court or in mediation proceedings.

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